You can join the Cluster as a "Member" which grants the following rights (the list is not exhaustive):

  • use services and projects of the Cluster;
  • co-manage the Cluster through participation in General Assemblies and the right to be elected to the Board
  • initiate projects and new Cluster services
  • receive informational, consultative, networking, and other support within the organizational capacity of the Cluster and its partners
  • other rights as defined by the Cluster's Statute


  1. Statute here»»
  2. Membership fee regulations here»»

Process of becoming a member

1. Submit an online application here»» and pass a brief interview

2. Submit an official application to the Cluster (template here»»)
Individuals or legal entities can become cluster members

3. Pay the membership fee
For small businesses (up to 50 employees): 1,375 UAH / month
For medium and large businesses (50+ employees): 2,083 UAH / month
* Payment can be made quarterly, semi-annually, or annually

4. Receive confirmation of the application from the Cluster's Board