ASKEP.NET is implementing the national program of digital transformation of the healthcare system as a medical information system specializing in medical software and providing comprehensive solutions for automating medical centers in both the public and commercial sectors. The solutions we develop radically reduce paperwork in medical institutions and undergo a cycle of randomized trials to meet the maximum needs of users.

ASKEP.NET is one of the few systems on the market that reproduces full document circulation in a medical institution; it complies with the standards of the National Health Service of Ukraine, HL7 protocol, and works with the DICOM format.


  • Fast online appointment scheduling with any doctor at any clinic with the possibility of prior acquaintance with their profile and experience.
  • Implementation of treatment process control and round-the-clock patient access to the history of all their visits to medical facilities, test results, diagnoses, and prescribed treatments.
  • Provision of recommendations automatically through an interactive data analysis system: highlighting specific test indicators in case of deviation from the norm, alternative medications, changes in appointment schedules and physician ratings, etc.


  • Patients 
  • Online appointment scheduling with doctors without queues
  • Personal cabinet with an electronic patient card
  • History of examinations, diagnoses, prescribed treatment
  • Viewing the results of laboratory tests
  • Online medical insurance
  • Doctors
  • Full and timely information about the patient's history
  • Automated form filling
  • Automatic journal generation
  • Institutions
  • Optimization of operational management of the institution through expanded automated internal reporting
  • Automatic generation of official reporting
  • Authorities
  • Up-to-date information on the state of public health
  • Reliable information for procurement and budget formation
  • Expanded geo-data on population activity by districts
  • Government
  • Access to employee signal marks (blood type, allergies)
  • Viewing issued sick leave and incapacity certificates
  • Ability to pay for medical services for employees


  • International - used not only in Ukraine but also in foreign medical institutions
  • Cloud/server-based - works from any device via the internet without installing a program or in the server version on institution servers
  • CSC - presence of a compliance certificate from the state special communications service regarding the level of information protection
  • Accredited by the Ministry of Health - according to the Order of the SE "Electronic Health" №7-GD dated 03.04.2018
  • Customization - the ability to adjust any current functionality and add unique new functionality to suit the institution's needs
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