Business Community Club Ukraine

Business Community Club Ukraine is:

  • Business association of small and medium-sized enterprises, uniting 641 / 14,731 participants / users (February 1, 2024);
  • Business support organization (BSO) implementing entrepreneurship development projects in Ukraine in three key areas:
         - Business development tools.
         - Cluster development.
         - Business development in communities.


Building Ukraine as a strong European democratic country through the development of small and medium-sized businesses and the implementation of entrepreneurship support initiatives.


Key specialization of the Business Community Club Ukraine is facilitating access for SMEs to grants and business support programs.


With experience in implementing over 30 comprehensive projects involving resources from businesses and partners such as the EU, GIZ, USAID, EBRD, U-LEAD, FRP, IOM, UNDP, KfW, CIPE, East Europe Foundation, Renaissance Foundation, MHP, IED, Rotary, and Peace Corps.

Among others, the Club's portfolio includes:

  • Business incubators
  • Investment projects
  • Educational and consultancy projects for communities
  • Advocacy projects
  • Establishment and management of business schools and MBA programs
  • Market research and analytics
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • Networking events and forums
  • Consulting projects
  • Cluster development, and more

Club collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders (government, business associations, development agencies, international and diplomatic institutions, business schools) and implements joint initiatives.


Business Community Club Ukraine initiated and organized the creation of the Lviv Medical Business Cluster.


We want to live in a comfortable and safe country, conduct honest business, and build prosperity for our families. We believe that Ukraine can be a better place to live, and we want to build a country where happy people live and ideas worthy of recognition are born.