Our goal is to create as many healthy, radiant smiles as possible, and to achieve this goal, the "Best Doctor" dentistry has been providing medical assistance since 2000.

It's a clinic with a modern approach, where many patients from 20 countries have already been treated.

The "Best Doctor" Dental Clinic is conveniently located on the central street of historic Lviv and welcomes you with the coordinated work of a team of professionals and a wide range of services, professional equipment, and European service, guaranteeing the solution of any problem quickly, qualitatively, and painlessly. 

Patients of our clinic know that the best investment is an investment in oneself and in one's health, and investing in well-groomed teeth is the key to success in society. Invest wisely, and each of us will try to help you with this and become Your Best Doctor! 


Professional dental hygiene.


Orthopedic dentistry.

Surgical dentistry.

Therapeutic dentistry.

Orthodontic treatment.

Pediatric dentistry.