Sheptytsky Hospital

Sheptytsky Hospital was founded in 1903 by the prominent Ukrainian philanthropist Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. This institution is inspired by the history and example of selflessness of its founder and the renowned physicians of the hospital who were dedicated to the cause of saving human lives.

Today, it is not just a medical institution but a facility that provides outpatient and inpatient treatment, combining medical and mental support, and offering services in the following medical fields:

  • Consultation and diagnostics.
  • Palliative care department.
  • Surgical department.
  • Emergency medical care department.
  • Mental health center.
  • Physical and rehabilitation medicine department.
  • Charitable foundation.

We also provide professional patient transport services of any severity "bed to bed", including:

  • Rap out and raising patients between floors.
  • From any city to any location in Ukraine and beyond its borders.
  • To and from sanatoriums or rehabilitation centers.
  • To the hospital and back.
  • To the train station, airport, and vice versa.

Professional support:

  • Our medical teams, professionals with over 10 years of experience, conduct examinations and monitor changes in the patient's condition during transportation.
  • We use modern equipment and medication to provide necessary assistance.
  • Before transportation, we assess potential risks for the patient. Any transportation of a bedridden patient must be reasonable and justified.
  • All our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and hydraulic suspension for maximum patient comfort.
  • Special signals and high-quality medical mattresses help ensure a safe and fast journey. We operate 24/7. Your comfort is our priority!

All aspirations and values are embedded in our motto "Professional clinic of health and love", because everyone who comes here feels unconditional love, respect, and care.