IQMED is a private clinic in Lviv providing medical assistance to patients according to the latest standards of European and global medicine. Our medical center is a team of experienced doctors with modernly equipped offices and a day hospital, high-class equipment, and apparatus for examination, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. We offer a full range of medical services, exemplary service, and maximum attention to the health status and needs of each patient.

Our Mission is to create and implement medical solutions using evidence-based and practical medicine methods. We consider what is necessary and refrain from excessive measures. We seek new ways to solve problems but do not abandon proven effective solutions. We attach great importance to forming an understanding of the patient's illness among our clients. We explain the reasons for prescribing certain medications rather than just "writing prescriptions" – this is one of the principles of our Clinic.

We operate on the principle of

  • Planning assistance for you.
  • Executing the planned.
  • Checking the result.
  • Changing what is necessary

We adapt new and familiar solutions for you.

Advantages of the IQMED private clinic:

  1. High qualification and extensive experience of our doctors.
  2. Quality material and technical base and level of equipment of the clinic in Lviv with modern equipment and techniques.
  3. A wide range of medical services, including both consultation assistance and the possibility of day hospitalization.
  4. Individual approach from our doctors and first-class patient service.
  5. Affordable prices, promotional offers, and discounts on comprehensive service programs.

Additional advantages of our private clinic IQMED include convenient location on Lipova Aleia Street, 15 (near the "UKRAINE" stadium), flexible working hours of doctors, as well as the opportunity to contact us by phone or receive online consultations.

Full range of medical services.

In our private clinic in Lviv, you can consult with specialized doctors on any issue. Patients are also offered both general and specialized diagnostics to identify health problems.

The IQMED Clinic provides services in the following areas of medicine:


Convenient, flexible, and professional!

IQMED is a medical center that allows you not to waste time, energy, and nerves to take care of your health, avoid queues, paperwork, and other inconveniences typical of public clinics and hospitals. You can schedule an appointment with a doctor or for necessary diagnostic procedures directly on the website, selecting the appropriate day and time.

We will be very happy to welcome you to the Clinic, but you can take a "video tour" right now!